High Energy Protein Bites

High Energy Protein Bites

Super High Energy Protein Bites

This recipe is super easy and totally adaptable to your taste, allergies and nutritional needs. Use a food processor to grind up the wet first. Remove, wet, then process the dry ingredients. Gradually add the wet back into the dry. While it is combining, you can add chocolate chips. I like to put them in at the end so they don’t break up as much as everything else. Form into balls or mash it into a pan and cut into bars. You can keep them in the freezer so they will keep for longer.

Use 50% “dry” ingredients and 50% “wet” ingredients. You can make as much as you would like, but I typically do two cups dry, two cups wet.

Add the chocolate chips in the end to your desired tasting/sugar level.

Dry Ingredient Examples: 

Nuts (can be made nut free), chia seeds, protein powder, cacao, hemp seeds, sesame seeds.

Wet Ingredient Examples:

Dates (I think dates are the most important wet ingredient), dried apricots, any dried fruit, peanut butter (or Wow Butter for nut free).

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