Grocery List

Grocery List

Grocery List

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It can be daunting to head to the grocery store with a list of things that you have no idea where or what they are. I am not only going to compile this list for you, but will work to help you know where to look for things, where the best deals are and to help you keep a pantry and fridge full of foods that will be useful to whip up an awesome vegan meal in a jiff.

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Here is the grocery list that is a good start. I will be posting recipes soon and updating this post as I have time.

A few things on eating:

  • The right tools make eating healthy more enjoyable. I will make a list of my favorite gadgets, but to start, I have to say that a good, high speed blender, like a blendtech or vitamix is top of my list.
  • I try to eat as much organic as possible. I realize it is not possible to always buy organic. Our body processes everything that goes into it. If we are feeding it chemicals, it cannot be functioning at it’s highest level. Take a look at the dirty dozenĀ here.
  • Buy dry beans in bulk. It’s cheaper and better for the planet. I cook mine in a crockpot for 16 hours or so. Cooking them this long cooks off the gasses and makes them easier to digest. If you struggle with tummy troubles from beans, eat more beans! Your body will adjust. We have found that the easiest to digest are kidney and garbanzo (aka chickpeas).
  • Vegenaise can be found at some of the higher end grocery stores. There is vegan mayo just about everywhere though, now. I just love Vegenaise too much. It’s my mayo and sour cream substitute. I use it in mashed potatoes, as well as on top of my beans. It goes so freaking good with Cholula.
  • Protein Powders: There are so many out there. Be sure to stay away from Whey. VegaOne is a great one that is reasonably priced. I also like to buy bags of hemp seed and use that and pea protein.
  • Cheeses: We like Daiya, but if you are new to vegan eating, it may taste and feel funny to you. If you try it and don’t like the vegan cheeses, do not despair. A year from now, they will taste amazing to you. Your tastebuds will change.
  • Cashew Cheese: Cashew cheese is God’s gift to vegans. Check out my favorite recipe on my favorite recipes page.
  • Vital Wheat Gluten: Vital wheat gluten is a great binder. You will find it in most grocery stores in the baking aisle. You can also order it on amazon.


Feel free to download and print the grocery list. I hope you enjoy it!

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